February 25, 2022

Ultimate guide: 10 major global sports events 2022

February 25, 2022
Ultimate guide: 10 major global sports events 2022

There are a number of sports events that are held every year. Some of them are exclusive to a region, while others are popular worldwide. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is almost over, major sports leagues around the world are resuming their games. It means that people can travel to different places to watch their […]

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There are a number of sports events that are held every year. Some of them are exclusive to a region, while others are popular worldwide.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is almost over, major sports leagues around the world are resuming their games. It means that people can travel to different places to watch their favorite teams play. 2022 is a great year for sports fans because there are many major events happening.

So, are you a sports fan? If so, mark your calendar for these major global sporting events in 2022! Whether you are looking to attend in person or watch from home, we have got all the details you need right here. Buckle up. That is, it's going to be an exciting year!

Major Global Sports Events in 2022

Following are the major global sports events that will take place in 2022. Some of them have already happened, whereas some are planned to happen later this year.

Winter Olympics Games

Date of Event: Feb 4th–20th, 2022

Host: Beijing, China

The Winter Olympics is a global winter multi-sport event that has been organized by the International Olympic Committee. It is an exciting event currently taking place in China's capital, Beijing, and nearby towns.

The 2022 Winter Olympics officially started on February 4th. These games are being held to celebrate the spirit of winter rather than just purely as a competition like most other Olympic Games.

The event features 15 different sports along with seven new events. The winter Olympics includes games like Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Biathlon, and more.

Rugby Union

Date of Event: Feb 5th–March 19th, 2022 

Host: Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, France; Cardiff, Wales; Rome, Italy; London, England   

One of the famous sports committees around the world is the Rugby Union. In the International Rugby Union 2022 Calendar, the Six Nations Championship is marked as one of the major events.

The championship officially started on February 5th. Also, it will end on March 19th, 2022. It is an annual competition that is played between 6 different European teams: England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, and Scotland.

Two rounds of the championship have been completed, and three rounds are remaining. 

Winter Paralympics

Date of Event: March 4th–13th, 2022 

Host: Beijing, China

In 2022, Beijing will welcome hundreds of the world's best Paralympic athletes for the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

The event, officially known as the XIII Paralympic Winter Games, is an international multi-sport competition. It will start on March 4th and end on March 13th, 2022. Almost 600 athletes from all around the world will compete in 78 events in 2 disciplines in 6 sports. 

Beijing is hosting this event for the first time. Also, it will be a great honor for China to welcome the world's best athletes with physical disabilities.       

Cricket: Women's ODI World Cup

Date of Event: March 4th–April 3rd, 2022

Host: Auckland, Wellington; New Zealand   

If you are a women's cricket fan, then the 2022 World Cup event is for you. This time, New Zealand is going to host the tournament. Also, it will be the twelfth edition of the Women's Cricket World Cup. It will begin on March 4th and end on April 3rd, 2022.

A total of 31 games will be played between 8 teams. The teams invited to the tournament will move from city to city depending on where they are playing. Six cities will host this major cricketing event, including Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, and Tauranga.  

Super Bowl

Date of Event: Feb 13th, 2022

Host: Inglewood, California; USA

Super Bowl LVI was played on February 13th, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals by 23–20 and became the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2021 season.

It was a close game from beginning to end. Both teams battled hard to win the game, but the Los Angeles Rams held their nerves and won the match. 

IIHF World Championship

Date of Event: May 13th–29th. 2022 

Host: Tampere, Helsinki; Finland

There is good news for the Ice Hockey fans that the IIHF World Championship is going to be held from May 13th to  May 29th, 2022. This time the hosting nation is Finland. The cities of Helsinki and Tampere will host the championship.  

There will be a total of 16 teams divided into two groups. Group A includes Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Canada, the ROC team, Slovakia, and Kazakhstan.

Group B includes Finland, Norway, the USA, Great Britain, Belarus, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Latvia.     

UEFA Champions League Final

Date of Event: May 28th, 2022

Host: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Millions of fans are waiting for the UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Final. It will be held on May 28th, 2022 in Russia at the Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg. The stadium is also called Gazprom Arena, which can accommodate more than 60,000 people.

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most respected tournaments in European club football. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest honors in club football.

The winning team of the UEFA Champions League Final will play in the 2022 UEFA Super Cup against the winning team of the 2021-22 Europa League.      

NBA Finals

Date of Event: June 2nd–19th, 2022 

Host: USA/Canada

The National Basketball Association Championship series is called the NBA Finals, and it takes place every year between June and August.

So, if you are a fan of basketball, then the month of June will be full of fun and entertainment for you. The event will take place in the USA and Canada from June 2nd to June 19th, 2022.   


Date of Event: June 27th–July 10th, 2022

Host: London, England

The Wimbledon Championship is the world's oldest tennis tournament. This will be the 135th edition of the tournament that will take place in London from June 27th to July 10th, 2022.  

The organizers are very much confident that this event will take place as planned. Over the past two years, COVID has done injustice to the championship.

Wimbledon is a tennis tournament and a sporting festival with plenty of history and tradition. People from different parts of the world visit it annually to watch this biggest British event.  

FIFA 2022 World Cup

Date of Event: November 21st–December 18th, 2022

Host: Al Khor, Al Rayyan; Qatar

The FIFA World Cup will be the biggest sporting event in 2022, and there is no doubt about that. Millions of fans are desperately waiting for this event.  

But, this time, Qatar won the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid, and it will be the first Arab state to host this major football competition. This will be the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup that will take place from November 21st to December 18th, 2022. The reason for these dates is the scorching summer heat of Qatar. A total of 32 teams will participate in this tournament.          

How to watch live sports from anywhere

There are a few different ways to watch live sports from anywhere in the world. The best way will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

One option is to use a VPN service. Turbo VPN allows you to connect to a server in a different country, which can then be used to watch live sports that are blocked in your region.

Another option is to use an online streaming service. These services often have a library of live sports events that you can watch for free or for a small fee.

Finally, you can also try using unofficial websites or torrents to watch live sports illegally. However, this is not recommended as it may be against the law in your country and could result in fines or imprisonment.


So, there you have it– ten of the biggest global sports events in 2022. Whether you are a fan of cricket, football (or soccer), tennis, or any other sport, you won't want to miss these exciting competitions. And if you don't live in one of the countries hosting these events, don't worry – with a Turbo VPN, you can still watch them all live from anywhere in the world.

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