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What is a VPN?

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. It creates a secure and encrypted connection between your devices and a remote server of different locations, so you can get the access to a more private and safer internet without geo-restrictions.

111 VPN Server Locations Map _ Turbo VPN

What does a vpn do?

Shield internet security and privacy

Shield your data and online activities from being monitored, blocked, intercepted by internet service providers (ISPs), government agencies and hackers.

Bypass the geo-blocking

Change your IP address with VPN, you can access websites, streaming services, and content that may be restricted or blocked in your region.

Why use Turbo VPN?

Servers in 111 VPN locations _ Turbo VPN Feature

Servers in 111 VPN locations

Connect to anywhere with all types of servers worldwide in Turbo.

Ultra fast internet speed _ Turbo VPN Feature

Ultra fast internet speed

Provide super fast VPN protocols likes IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, L2TP-IPsec, which are known for their speed and reliability.

No-logs policy _ Turbo VPN Feature

No-logs policy

A strict no-logs policy of Turbo VPN ensures that your online activities are not recorded or stored.

Free vpn service _ Turbo VPN Feature

Free vpn service

Offer free vpn service, everyone can access the internet with freedom and security by connecting to the free server.

Special servers for entertainment _ Turbo VPN Feature

Special servers for entertainment

Specialized game servers and streaming servers of different locations optimize your internet speed.

Best vpn encryption _ Turbo VPN Feature

Best vpn encryption

AES-256 encryption, the highest-level encryption for online activities.

How to get and use VPN Turbo?

Choose a VPN plan

Pick a premium plan with free trial for more VPN online features. Or, stay with the free VPN services.

Pick a premium plan with free trial _ Turbo VPN button

Download VPN

Sign up your account, download Turbo VPN on all your devices for free, and sign in your account.

Free vpn download _ Turbo VPN button

Connect to the VPN server

Tap your desired server location, you’ll be instantly connected. Then, you can browse the internet freely and safely on all your devices with Turbo protection.

Connect to the VPN server _ Turbo VPN button

Available for all devices

There are vpn service for pc, mobile, extensions. Download VPN Turbo to protect all your devices.

The best vpn for all situations

It is the best vpn, designed for all your usage needs anytime and anywhere.

VPN for business

A secure VPN helps you access sensitive company data, websites and applications with encrypted connection, shielding you under all Wi-Fi hotspots.

VPN for school

Due to the internet filters and firewalls of schools, you cannot browse the internet freely. Turbo VPN with free vpn service, more suitable for students, can unblock the filter and firewall for all resources access.

VPN for travel

A stable VPN helps you access region-restricted websites, streaming services, banking services and content from your home country or other countries while traveling abroad.

VPN for torrenting

Torrenting is a way to share and download files with others. Using an unlimited VPN for torrenting can hide your online activities and IP address to prevent download failures and interruptions.

VPN for gaming

A super VPN for game allows you attend the game activities of different regions, download the game with the best deal or no cost, reduce the ping and boosting the game speed.

VPN for streaming

Using a fast VPN for streaming can unblock streaming content, movies, TV shows, and sports events from different countries and regions with no lags and bandwidth limit.

Is Turbo VPN good and trusted?

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logo-appstore4.7app_rate211.3K Ratings
logo-google-play4.7app_rate570.5K Ratings

This is the best app because my school blocks apps that are said in different languages and also it blocks access to some of my games I just wanna say thank you now I can listen to all my music and even play all my games also I honestly didn’t know what a vpn was but I honestly thought this was a scam but now I use it I am just bewildered at how good this app is and even if there is ads I know it’s to support this amazing vpn honestly you should put more ads to grant us more range and faster WiFi but honestly the WiFi is already fast when I use this I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.

logo-appstoreApp Store
bella leshaapp_rate_full

I love this app, it helps me to do stuf on social media very easily 😊 giving u guys a five star rate. this app is 1000/10

logo-appstoreApp Store
Melissa Lanceapp_rate_full

This VPN has been one of the best VPNs I have used. It easy to connect and super fast. Lots of countries are available as well. The UI is simple and nice to look at as well. The connection speed is consistent with only small dips from time to time. I high recommend using.

logo-google-playGoogle Play
Acid Activatorapp_rate_full

I recommend you to download this app immediately. So all I want to say about this amazing super fast-connection VPN is that it’s really good and very helpful. I never knew about it , I used to have this VPN called “Betternet” but it doesn’t work as good as this cute Bunny. I kept complaining to my twin sister about it , soon she told me about this cool super fast VPN that works in an instant if you just feed the bunny a carrot. So when I downloaded , I knew my sister was right . It really worked and it’s the bestest VPN I have ever experienced.

logo-appstoreApp Store

Great service and company philosophy!! Past 10 years have used dozens’ providers and noticed the difference in speed and security Turbo VPN with simple philosophy provide best service and keep us surfing analytics private.... Privacy is privacy as consumer recommend this service !!

logo-appstoreApp Store
Janice Woodsapp_rate_full

This VPN works perfectly, you can choose the country you want to show as your internet connection location. Very simple to use. Update: I love this app but, I am visually impaired, when I stream videos my videos are auto lowered to quality levels less than 480...

logo-google-playGoogle Play
Kirtisha Samantapp_rate_full

The best free VPN. I am not a regular VPN user but when I travel, i do need a good VPN which is not only free (as i use it for limited time only) but doesn't restrict me when it comes to connection. Turbo VPN does a great job. It connects everywhere and anywhere without it being slow. There are multiple free networks available which u can switch from. Easily, my favourite. Best part, i have not seen any ads till now since i am using free service. A 10/10.

logo-google-playGoogle Play
Krista Stovallapp_rate_full

I've been using Turbo VPN for about 2 weeks now and I have to say that it is a all around great app! The interface is easy to use and I have been thinking about upgrading to premium...If you need a quality easy to use VPN the Turbo VPN is a great choice.

logo-google-playGoogle Play
The best player on this gameapp_rate_full

Best Vpn I must say, this vpn is one of the best on the app store whether it is paid or unpaid. I bought ExpressVPN, got the SuperVPN, VPN Express, every one you can name basically lol.

logo-appstoreApp Store
Christian Jeppesenapp_rate_full

They Best Anonimus Browsing.

logo-google-playGoogle Play

Turbo VPN Works! it has lots of Locations to choose from for free. I bought the Premium for the extra perks pretty worth it. I tested out the app to make sure it worked. I asked for my IP address that my network was under and searched it up and it did indeed say I was in a differnt location.

logo-google-playGoogle Play

Highly recommended as my connections are fast and stable.

logo-appstoreApp Store
Turbo VPN's 30-Day VPN Free Trial Guarantee

30-Day VPN Free Trial Guarantee

One premium plan can be used on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome and more devices. And Turbo VPN offers 30-Day VPN Free Trial Guarantee, which makes sure that you can receive a full refund within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with the premium features.

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