January 14, 2022

5 tips to protect your cybersecurity on iPhone 2022

January 14, 2022
5 tips to protect your cybersecurity on iPhone 2022

Cybersecurity is one of the most sensitive topics of 2022 a s the world is becoming more connected thanks to the internet and our entire lives and moving from the physical world to the digital. We are using our handheld devices more. And we spend time without the internet feels like a prison sentence. While […]

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Phone Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most sensitive topics of 2022 a s the world is becoming more connected thanks to the internet and our entire lives and moving from the physical world to the digital. We are using our handheld devices more. And we spend time without the internet feels like a prison sentence. While this new digital world does have its benefits and perks, there are equally dangerous possibilities out there. Both for criminals and people with ill intents. Modern criminal activity is no longer about keeping your valuables behind a locked vault. The reason is because for many of us, the most valuable possession we have is our digital collection of data. 

Whether that be our digital bank accounts, photos, videos, contacts, messages, and emails, or any number of other items which possess value for us. An iPhone for example, needs to be secure. It needs to be private and access to your iPhone should only be possible for people that you allow.

5 tips to ensure your iPhone’s cybersecurity

While Touch and Face ID can keep your phone secure, it is not the most vulnerable part of an iPhone. For many people, the security of your Apple ID is far more important as compromising. It can grant access to your email, private images, other media, as well as your devices!

Let us go through some of the steps that you can take to make your iPhone more secure.

Set a stronger password

Using an insecure password on iPhone is the biggest mistake that anyone can make in this age and time. But what exactly makes a password “insecure”. It is certainly not length and even more-so it has nothing to do with complexity. 

To protect yourself from people around you randomly guessing your password. Then you need to avoid using your real name, your date of birth, or the names of your loved ones in your passwords. For example, just pick three random things around you: “cup tea biscuit” and set that as your password. It will be impossible to guess.

While you could set your password to be “Abc12456". Indeed, it might be difficult to guess for humans. However, it is several orders of magnitude easier for a computer to brute force this.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi connections are not secure. They are not trustworthy, and you should avoid using them if possible. This is because there are all sorts of ways a malicious user can hijack a network connection. Session & cookie hijacking where they can directly access a social media website as if they are you, without even needing login credentials. Phishing setups where instead of sending your password to Instagram’s servers for authentication, their computer collects it. 

Even if there is no one malicious around you. Owners of the public Wi-Fi connections can monitor the websites that you are trying to open through DNS queries.

All these of these are reasons for avoiding public Wi-Fi connections whenever you can help it. But what do you do when you must use it? 

How to ensure iPhone's cybersecurity

It is possible to be safe on a public Wi-Fi. For instance, by using a VPN service like Turbo VPN, you could encrypt all your online traffic. That way even if a third party wishes to fish around your traffic. They will not find anything of value. Why? Because Turbo VPN will encrypt every communication between your device and the VPN servers. 

Turbo VPN is available for iOS devices as well so you can rest assured that your iPhone will be safe to use even at areas where you only have access to a Public Wi-Fi connection.

Restrict apps’ permissions

We often allow applications to access all sorts of permissions and we do not think twice before granting these permissions. It is a great idea to go through your applications every now and then deny the permissions which you do not think are necessary for the application to function. 

For example, if you see a torch application accessing your contacts or your location, restrict it! At the same time, you should uninstall all applications which you do not plan to use or do not recognize because most victims of malicious applications simply forget that they installed something that one time when they received a notification to do so.

Download apps that are available in App Store

Instead of depending on third party services and online web services, you should see if a relevant application is available on the official App Store. Apple has a thorough application review process without which they do not list applications on the App Store

So, if there is a solution in the App Store to a problem that you are facing, that should be your option to avail because looking for it blindly on the internet might cause you to end up in a sea of malicious websites.

Update your iPhone

The most important advice that anyone can give you, you should always keep your software up to date because not doing so will make it vulnerable to all sorts of bugs in the system. Apple is incredible for both security and privacy but even they cannot protect you if you are using an outdated piece of software. 

If there are updates available to your iPhone’s operating system, you should waste no time and update right away. Not just for your iOS but also for any applications that you use. The easiest way to stay up to date with security features is by using the latest versions for all the applications that you use.

Protect your devices using Turbo VPN

Unfortunately, all the security precautions in the world are often not enough because there are too many factors outside of your control. Yes, you can use the toughest password in the world, but it is of no use if you give it away without thinking twice.

Sure, you can avoid signing into sensitive websites on a public Wi-Fi but how many times do you really think before opening Instagram while waiting in a line? That is not even the end of it because the biggest issue with public Wi-Fi is that the owner of your Wi-Fi network can potentially log all information about the devices connected to it. Including the list of websites that each device opens. This is because network owners can set up their own DNS servers to track what websites their visitors use the most on their networks.

Thankfully TurboVPN is a wonderful tool to protect your devices against all these threats. 

What does Turbo VPN do?

Once set up, your phone sends all internet requests through the TurboVPN servers instead of directly contacting the website you are attempting to communicate to. Anyone who could be trying to monitor your online activity will simply see you communicating with a single server, repeatedly, with no additional information conveyed.

For people who use public Wi-Fi often, we highly recommend using TurboVPN because they provide you with security that you simply cannot get otherwise.

Can I use Turbo VPN with my iPad?

Turbo VPN has apps for all modern devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. So, yes! You can use Turbo VPN with your iPad, simply visit the App Store, and download the application for your iPad to connect to their servers and to use public Wi-Fi behind the VPN’s safety.

How many devices can I use Turbo VPN on?

You do not have to purchase multiple licenses to use Turbo VPN on difference devices that you own. With a single license of Turbo VPN, you can install the application on up to five different devices and connect them to their servers. There is absolutely no need to purchase a new license for every device.

The icing on top is that Turbo VPN is available for all major operating systems out there. You can use it on your iPhone and other Apple devices, and if any of your family members use Android or have a desktop computer, they can also use Turbo VPN to make their internet activity more secure.

What features does Turbo VPN have?

Turbo VPN offers numerous features that help you remain private, even on public Wi-Fi. For example:

  • All your communication to and from TurboVPN’s servers uses encryption to avoid any unwanted snooping. Even if someone attempts to view your activity, they will not be able to decipher it, at all. People around you, the public Wi-Fi’s provider, as well as the internet service provider will not be able to monitor your online activity.
  • Turbo VPN has Private DNS servers which ensure that even the owner of your public Wi-Fi cannot find out what websites you are trying to open on their network. Instead of depending on the DNS servers provided to you by the Wi-Fi router, Turbo VPN uses its own Private DNS servers.
  • In addition to making your internet activity more secure, Turbo VPN also offers special servers for unblocking content that is geo-restricted, for example viewing Netflix shows only available in the US while being in another country.

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