February 22, 2022

10 best PC games in 2022 you should play

February 22, 2022
10 best PC games in 2022 you should play

It's not hard to see why the finest PC games are so popular with gamers worldwide. Even after the credits have rolled, their popularity will endure. Playability set design and the plot is equally important in these games to immerse players as good graphics are to the overall experience.  There are so many great PC […]

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PC games

It's not hard to see why the finest PC games are so popular with gamers worldwide. Even after the credits have rolled, their popularity will endure. Playability set design and the plot is equally important in these games to immerse players as good graphics are to the overall experience. 

There are so many great PC games to choose from, and the list continues growing, making it more challenging to decide what to play. If you're strapped for cash and can't afford to acquire every game that's others have spoken about, this is very important to keep in mind. So we're here to help you further narrow down your options.

Even if you have to change some settings to play our recommendations, they should still be just as immersive. This list has something for everyone, whether you want a new take on an old favorite or something completely unexpected.

10 best PC games you should play this year

Knockout City

In terms of team-based PvP games, Knockout City is one of the best to emerge in a long while.

Like high school gym class, Knockout City will bring you back in time. In this case, Dodgebrawl is a video game twist on dodgeball.

The fundamental goal of each match is to collect and launch the brightly colored balls that are scattered over the map. When the balls are hurled at you, you'll have to make sure to catch them or get out of their way quickly.

It's a fun game from the start because of its easy-to-follow idea. There is enough tactical depth to keep you interested in keeping you going back for more.

Black Book

The story-driven nature of Black Book quickly distinguishes it from other roguelike deck builders. Instead of a hurried adventure that takes players from zero to hero in a matter of minutes, this is a story that takes its time to build suspense and intrigue while guiding them toward a predetermined goal. The game’s rustic style and commitment to Russian mythology from the 19th century give Black Book its voice, even though it is far from novel.

Black Book remains a worthwhile experience that stands out from the rest despite its flaws. A big part of the appeal of this game is the level of care taken in incorporating elements of Slavic culture and history into the gameplay. It's hardly going to be the most visually stunning game this year, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun.

Dungeon Encounters

Dungeon Encounters is a fascinating dungeon adventure RPG in which players lead an adventure to discover the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth. As a player, you plan and prepare to face multiple obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat creatures to survive!

It's a simple Active Turn Battle system that doesn't require you to worry about managing items or magic points. To initiate a turn, you must fill the meter on the picture of each player or enemy unit. Each team's physical and magical defenses must be reduced before the HP of the unit is depleted by attacks.

Resident Evil Village

You must play the latest version of this game. More than just an updated version, Resident Evil Village is an entirely new game that has been developed from the ground up. The less approachable aspects of the game, such as the obnoxious tank controls and fixed camera angles, have been removed, and the portions of the adventure that players enjoyed have been enhanced. In contrast, the graphics have been upgraded to a level of realism approaching that of a photograph.

This one is even more terrifying and gore-soaked compared to the first entry. You'll also have to contend with the fearsome Mr. X, an unbreakable behemoth that will pursue your player characters, Leon and Claire, through the police station they've been stranded in. Because each game has its campaign, this reimagined take on horror will keep you busy for a long time.

Before Your Eyes

The first time you blink in Before Your Eyes is a fantastic experience. A gimmick? Close your virtual eyes? No, I'm not talking about that. A webcam records your blinks in the excellent narrative game genre by GoodbyeWorld Games. Before Your Eyes. 

The player takes on the role of a wandering spirit named Benjamin Brynn. A canine ferryman makes you relive Ben's entire life, beginning with his birth. A sincere appraisal of Ben's character is critical to the Gatekeeper.

Halo Infinite

Those who enjoy first-person shooters are likely to have heard of the Halo franchise at some point. Though Halo Infinite has been around for nearly two decades, it’s not just a cash-in on the brand’s popularity. You can expect a top-notch first-person shooter, complete with the reappearance of the Master Chief.

Because the multiplayer experience is so important to you, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s included in the game for no additional cost at all.

God of War

The God of War saga has been going on since 2005 as a whole. This year’s installment has revitalized the series, whether because it’s set in a new location or because of the presence of Kratos’ new friend.

Kratos, the deity who's wiped out most of the Greek pantheon in previous games, and his kid ascend to the summit of a mountain to spread his dead wife's ashes amid a Norse-inspired legendary backdrop in this old Playstation exclusive. This being a God of War game, you can count on encountering all manner of monsters and deities on your journey to victory.

Hitman 3

The revamped trilogy comes to a dramatic finish with Hitman 3, which keeps loyal to its beginnings. It doesn’t alter gameplay, but it adds six new maps and wraps up the 2016 storyline. It will take you to places like Dubai, England, China, and many others.

Newcomers to the series are in for a real treat here. Like in typical video games, Hitman Agent 47 doesn't have to fend off hordes of evildoers. Instead, you stalk your target on massive maps like an English manor housekeeper. This and previous entries provide a level of replayability infrequently seen in games because you can play the same map multiple times to find different approaches or storylines to take out your targets.

Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter Rise brings together the most outstanding features of previous games in the franchise to create an engaging, fast-paced monster-slaying adventure.

When you play Rise, you'll encounter new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, such as the Yokai, as well as old favorites like the fire-spitting wyverns that first appeared in Final Fantasy XI. This PC version is faster and more accurate than the console version.

Fans of Monster Hunter World and action games alike will enjoy Rise for the PC.

Forza Horizon 5

In many ways, this spin-off has surpassed the leading Forza Motorsport franchise as the best racing games now available on PC. They don't detract from Forza’s impressive recreations of classic racing cars and racetracks, even if they're more enjoyable.

Easily one of the best PC games available today, Forza Horizon 5 brings motorsport to the United Kingdom after visiting North America, Europe, Italy, and Australia in the series' previous three installments. You may now zip through quaint villages, beach towns, and the capital of Edinburgh via country roads and dirt paths. It's exhilarating and exhilarating, all at the same time.

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The majority of VPNs are known to slow down downloads, which is especially true with free versions. However, this isn’t always the case with premiums. 

Gaming and other bandwidth-intensive activities can cause your Internet service provider to slow down your connection. Still, since VPNs mask what you're doing from prying eyes, ISPs aren't aware of it. The IP address is protected, preventing DDoS attacks, swatting, and other malicious plans the other team has in store for you.

Your VPN must have an extensive network if you wish to play games restricted to certain countries or regions. When it comes to avoiding throttling on your PS4, Xbox One, Switch, or any other device connected to the internet, Turbo VPN is the clear winner, offering over 21,000 servers in 45 countries and a router software that works flawlessly.


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A one-month refund guarantee is available to those who upgrade to Turbo VPN’s premium service.

With Turbo VPN, you may play any PC game you want, on any device, for as long as you want. And you can play more PC games that are coming out in 2022.

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