January 19, 2022

How to send an email anonymously 2022

January 19, 2022
How to send an email anonymously 2022

Email is one of the communication platforms you have come across. Email is often used for sensitive communications. For instance, the sensitive information must remain confidential. You may find everything from love notes to account confirmations in our mailboxes. Only one problem: emails are designed to allow for two-way conversation by default. That is to […]

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Email is one of the communication platforms you have come across. Email is often used for sensitive communications. For instance, the sensitive information must remain confidential. You may find everything from love notes to account confirmations in our mailboxes.

Only one problem: emails are designed to allow for two-way conversation by default. That is to say, the email contains more than just the sender's address when tracking you down. Routing information, for example, maybe seen in the full email header. Identifying yourself in this way may be enough to generate a variety of issues.

However, not all is lost! It's time to demonstrate how to send an anonymous email appropriately in this post.

Reasons why you would want to send an anonymous email

Logically, someone might want to use an anonymous email account. Your information is being sold by data brokers regularly. Data breaches are commonplace, and many professional areas such as journalism need certain degrees of anonymity for employees to perform their jobs securely. To put it another way, the reasons for utilizing an untraceable email service to send and receive anonymous emails are many and include, among others, the following:

As a journalist or whistleblower, you must work in a safe environment.

In a data breach, there is a desire to maintain personal privacy.

There is a desire to remain anonymous online to prevent tracked by third parties, advertising, and others.

You need to protect sensitive healthcare or patient-related information.

You must report unfair, illegal, or hazardous business activities immediately.

Unhappiness at the prospect of signing up for websites or groups without disclosing your genuine identity.

By using an anonymous email account, you may protect your privacy and security on online activities. For instance, your subject line and the files you sent will all be encrypted. Furthermore, using an anonymous email could even hide your IP address. A zero-knowledge policy is offered by several free anonymous services. That is to say, you don't have to submit any personal information to register an account. Even better, some providers provide a no-log policy. Such a secure feature could prevent service providers from sharing your data or activities. In other words, it guarantees that the provider does not track any of your activity.

How to send an anonymous email without having it traced

You must first conceal your IP address. Then, you can use a secure email service provider to send private emails. Most popular email services, such as Google or Yahoo, are outstanding in convenience and storage. However, they fall short in terms of security and privacy. Also, there are various options available to you if you want to establish a private chat through email. Here are a few suggestions. Keep in mind that, in the majority of cases, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It is essential to mix numerous strategies to get the most significant balance of privacy and security.

While most popular email services do not monitor your IP address or capture data about your activities. However, hackers may use them to determine your genuine identity and location. Even if you do not use your accurate personal information, they still could determine your genuine identity based on your IP address. It's also worth mentioning that most service providers need to divulge this information to law enforcement authorities. For this reason, utilizing an encrypted provider or a VPN that can hide your actual IP address is good for completely anonymous email transmission.

Here are a few steps to take in sending secure emails:

Make use of an email service that is encrypted and anonymous.

End-to-end encryption ensures that encrypted email is as secure as a standard service. This kind of encryption protects inboxes, and contact lists. Nobody, not even your service provider, will able to read your emails if they are eavesdropping on your traffic. Tutanota, ProtonMail, Guerilla Mail, and StartMail are all much more private than Gmail or Yahoo. Albeit the features vary from provider to provider. That is, you should choose a reliable email provider for privacy. You can choose the best service providers.

Make use of a "burner" email

When enrolling on dodgy websites, burner emails may help combat spam. However, there's one main disadvantage. If you forget your password, it's hard to recover your account. Especially if it is registered with a burner email address. Using burner emails when you know there is a low probability that you will need them in the future is the wisest course of action to take.

Hide Your IP Address

Regardless of whatever technique you choose to send an anonymous email, your IP address may still be a source of concern. If you want to keep your IP address hidden, you should use a VPN with no records or the Tor browser. To conceal your accurate IP address, you need to use a VPN to encrypt it. It helps you to route your connection via an intermediate server.

Delete the metadata from the files that you created

The information in the files you're transmitting may give you a way that you're sending a Word document. You may include your complete name and other personal information you do not want to share in the document.

Make a new email account for yourself

The most straightforward method of sending emails anonymously is to open a new account. If you have no choice but to utilize services such as Gmail or Yahoo, you might establish an email using fictitious information. Choose a fictitious name, home address, and date of birth, and don't include a phone number in your profile. At the same time, be aware that these services will continue to monitor your online activities. Even if you take the necessary protections against them. They are also obligated to share this information with law enforcement authorities.

Private Emails You Should Know


CounterMail is a secure email service. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use without compromising security or privacy. Furthermore, OpenPGP is used to encrypt and protect the content of your digital activities. MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks are protected explicitly by CounterMail. It's time to use CounterMail for privacy.


Emails sent with ProtonMail are protected with PGP encryption before leaving your device. It ensures that the provider will not keep any records so that if law authorities came knocking on the door, they would have nothing to show them if they wanted to question them. ProtonMail also has the option of sending messages that will self-destruct once they have been read. ProtonMail will automatically erase the recipients' inbox messages after the specified expiry period has passed. All you have to do is choose your chosen expiration time, and ProtonMail will do the rest.


StartMail is one of the most secure and private email accounts that you can get. It enables burner emails, allowing you to apply additional security measures to your inbox. Even if an email of this kind emerges on a spam mailing list, you may immediately delete it and establish a new email using it.


An all-encompassing effort to preserve your online privacy must include email privacy as a priority. Even though other communication options have mostly supplanted email on the current web. Nevertheless, the vast majority of individuals still have and use at least one email address.

For complete email anonymity, use a reliable VPN like Turbo VPN and an encrypted email service like the one described above. VPNs are not only could encrypt the data and information you send but also could encrypt all the networks and mask your real IP address.

Turbo VPN, developed by a team of committed security professionals, allows you to do everything you want on the internet. With Turbo VPN, you can send anonymous emails without the fear of being tracked down or tracked down. Turbo VPN delivers a stable and fast connection. Furthermore, since there is no activity monitoring, Turbo VPN do not track the applications you use, websites you visit, or material you watch. That is to say, it ensures that your online life remains private. That is what we refer to as "secure." It's about time to subscribe to Turbo VPN with 30-day money-back guarantee.

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