January 13, 2022

Ultimate guide: delete your Google search history

January 13, 2022
Ultimate guide: delete your Google search history

The search engine is one of the most important tools in our time. We have so many questions in a day. Google is primarily a search engine that knows you better than you know yourself. It caters to your search results according to your interests and past history. Also, it can find whatever it is […]

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The search engine is one of the most important tools in our time. We have so many questions in a day. Google is primarily a search engine that knows you better than you know yourself. It caters to your search results according to your interests and past history. Also, it can find whatever it is that you are looking for so long as it exists on the internet. Whether it be images, videos, or only plain old websites. Google always has your back. One of the primary reasons that Google is so good at its job. Why? Because of the data that it collects on you. Everything from your past search activity to your behavior on different websites, your location, your interests, and your hobbies. There is nothing that Google leaves out when it is attempting to find the best search results for you.

But did you know that Google keeps a complete search history for you? Everything that you have ever asked Google. Whether it be through Google’s voice recognition assistant or through Google search itself.

What is Google search history?

Google keeps a log of everything that you have ever searched no matter how long ago. And it associates this log with your account. It uses your search history to create a personality profile for you. It includes your hobbies, interests, estimated age, your geographic location along with a ton of other data.

This information serves two primary functions for Google’s business.

Better results

By using your search history and your personality profile, Google can serve you with results that are more in line with your hobbies and interests. If you are a software developer and often use Google to troubleshoot your problem. You are much more likely to see results from Stack Overflow and Reddit. On the other hand, if you are a movie enthusiast and searching for Django. You will get results and suggestions about the movie and not the python framework.

This makes Google a better search engine that learns about you. And it provides you with better results without you having to filter through irrelevant content.

More revenue

Google’s primary business model is serving targeted advertisements. By using your personality profile, advertisers can target you with advertisements that matter to you. There is no point in showing a makeup ad to someone who never used, bought, or searched for makeup online. Similarly, your personality profile can follow you around on other websites as well!

Ads powered by Google are everywhere, from YouTube to blogging websites. You will find that Google is serving advertisements targeting you. This precise targeting makes Google one of the most powerful marketing tools out there for advertisers. Which drives the primary revenue stream for Google. Your data is their product.

How to view your Google search history?

If you ever need a trip down memory lane. Then we recommend that you step into your Google Search History by going to this link: https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity

Once logged into your Google Account, you will find your complete activity history. No matter what Google service or product you used, including Search, Maps, Drive, and even Google’s various cloud services that developers use. Simply filter through the products and select Search.

You can filter your search history by date, ironically Google also lets you search through your search history. Simply going through the results from a few years back is a trip as we forget just how much we use Google’s search on a daily basis. From finding businesses and their locations or contact information to just seeking an answer to a medical question, Google tends to be the best solution out there.

How to clear all your Google search history?

Although Google most probably keeps your search history behind the scenes for a short while even after you delete it, you can rest assured that Google will not display it anywhere once you have deleted it from your account.

Deleting already recorded history

In order to delete the history on your account that Google has already collected, go back to your “My Activity” page by visiting this link: https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity

You will need to sign in to your Google account in order to access your activity, once you have logged:

  • Click on “Delete activity by” on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Select the range for which you wish to delete your activity, your options are:
    • Last hour
    • Last day
    • Always
    • Custom Range
  • Select “Always” if you wish to delete all of your histories.
  • On the next page, select the products for which you want your activity deleted.

Once deleted, Google will remove all references to your account from that activity and start the process of removing it from their database.

Stopping Google from collecting future activity

Simply deleting your past activity from Google is not enough for most people, you may also want to stop Google from collecting any information about you in the future. In order to do so, you will have to go to your data & privacy settings for your Google Account and disable the history recording in the first place.

Visit the data & privacy page directly by going to this link: https://myaccount.google.com/data-and-privacy and logging into your Google Account

Once you have logged in to your account:

  • Scroll down to “History settings”
  • Select “Web & Activity” and pause it.
  • You will have to verify that you wish to pause web & activity recording and that you understand the effects of doing so.

Using Google anonymously

Even though Google collects a lot of information about you and that might cause some people to not be so keen on using its services, it is still invaluable in the service that it provides. You do not become the best search engine on the planet without having a great and irreplaceable service. Unfortunately, if you wish to use Google without it tracking you, you will need to take some precautions.

Using Turbo VPN to protect your online identity

Google uses geolocation and your IP address to track you. Even if you do not use a Google account primarily use their search engine through a single computer, you will soon notice that Google starts learning your interests regardless.

This is because it creates a profile based on you even without an account to associate that profile with. Using a VPN is your only safety net if you do not want your online activity to be associated with you and if you want your Google searches to remain private even from Google.

How does Turbo VPN protect you?

Since you will connect directly to a server by TurboVPN, you will not be exposing your real IP address to Google. Your searches, the websites you visit and even the time that you spent on those websites is all hidden from Google.

But TurboVPN does not only protect you from Google. It also stops your local ISP, your school, your employer, or anyone else who is interested in surveilling your online activity from finding out what it is for which you are searching.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Businesses and individuals all over the world use VPNs to make their online activity more secure. Businesses do not want their competitors or malicious people to peek into their traffic to try and figure out their secret communications. Individuals and other people who are conscious about their privacy also use VPNs to stay anonymous and to keep their activity masked.

In order to use a VPN, a secure connection is set up between your computer and the VPN server, once set up, all exiting traffic routes through this connection and the VPN server on the other end makes the requests to other websites and services in your place.

Encrypted Traffic

TurboVPN exclusively uses encrypted connections, meaning everything communicated from your computer to the VPN server is secure and impossible to read by a third party. Even if that third party in question is your internet service provider or a government agency.

No-logging Policy

While Google kept a record of every single search query that you have ever done, TurboVPN vows to store no information whatsoever about your online activity. All your queries, requests and activities are completely free from logging. There is no need to go through complicated steps to delete and disable the automated logs from your account settings because no such logs exist in the first place.

Use TurboVPN on multiple devices simultaneously

TurboVPN offers you the ability to use a single subscription to enable VPN services on up to five devices at the same time. We know you do not just use Google’s search functionality from our computer and TurboVPN has you covered.

People use Google from their phones, their desktops, laptops, and even from Apple devices! Google is simply an integral part of our daily lives and not using it is not an option for most of us. So, rest assured because TurboVPN has applications that help you connect to their server for all of these devices. You will not face any issues whatsoever when setting up because TurboVPN manages all the complicated technical steps automatically in the background.

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