January 13, 2022

Unblock Hulu from anywhere at anytime 2022

January 13, 2022
Unblock Hulu from anywhere at anytime 2022

With the internet reaching more people than ever, there's a fact that is quite unfortunate. Nowadays, streaming services are still not accessible irrespective of your physical location. People across the world are interested in paying for services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+. Nevertheless, they can never realize their interest as Netflix’s library depends on which […]

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With the internet reaching more people than ever, there's a fact that is quite unfortunate. Nowadays, streaming services are still not accessible irrespective of your physical location. People across the world are interested in paying for services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+. Nevertheless, they can never realize their interest as Netflix’s library depends on which country you are accessing it from. While Hulu limits itself to the United States and Disney+ has yet to expand to the global scale it had promised.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a streaming service like Netflix but vastly different at the same time. It provides a vast library of media collected from different networks as well as Hulu’s own original content. ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS are some of the networks which have their shows on Hulu.

How is Hulu different from Netflix?

Chiefly, both streaming services offer vastly different content. In another side, there is a key difference between Hulu and Netflix. Hulu exists as an online platform for many of the television networks that exist in the United States. These networks regularly upload content to Hulu for subscribers. Their targeted audiences are subscribes who wish to stay up to date with the latest episodes of their favorite shows but cannot tune in live to the TV broadcast. While the vast collection of content that is present on Hulu. Nevertheless, it is still only available in the United States. Therefore, people who reside outside of the US have no access to the streaming platform.

Shows you should watch on Hulu

Indeed, Hulu subscribers have no trouble finding fresh content to watch. The original series created by Hulu itself. The exclusive collection of shows from network TV channels, and more. That is, you will find new content added to the streaming platform daily. Hulu also receives new episodes of ongoing shows soon after their airing on TV. All these are making it effortless to stay up to date with your favorite TV shows. With so much content on the platform, there is an equally vast list of suggestions for viewers. Today, we are going to go through a couple of recommendations of our own. The first is an animated adult-comedy show while the second will be a darker true-crime series.

Solar Opposites

Aimed at mature audiences, Solar Opposites is an animated series by the co-creator of Rick & Morty. It does. However, follow a lighter tone of comedy and humor. Both shows have a similar art style and the voice actor for Korvo (one of the main characters in Solar Opposites) is Roiland. That is, the same co-creator that voices both Rick and Morty.

The Act

Followers of the true-crime genre and viewers interested in content that is a bit more on the dark side would be thrilled by The Act. The show unravels mysteries and secrets in a manner. It leaves the viewer without words. Focusing on the relationship between a mother and her young daughter. There is nothing more we can talk about the show without delving into spoilers.

Why Hulu is not available in your country?

Everyone that resides outside of the United States cannot access Hulu. This is because of international licensing agreements. And it makes sure that your content follows the local laws and guidelines. In addition, it ensures that your service can function on a global scale at a competitive level. That is, it is far more complicated than we think.

International licenses for airing programs in a certain country can span decades. Sometimes even covering programs that publishers will create in the future. Not to mention that local distributors simply do not want to share their revenue with Hulu. All these things add up together to cause a single problem. That is to say, blocked access to Hulu if you are outside of the United States.

How does Hulu block access to viewers outside of the US?

Hulu uses geo-restrictions to block viewers that attempt to access it with an IP address that is from outside of the United States. In addition to this, Hulu and many other streaming services also block some of the IP addresses that are most used to bypass these restrictions. These blocks and restrictions are the reason. Thus, it is better to use a paid VPN service like TurboVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions. With Turbo VPN, you could access Hulu without physically being present in the United States.

Another method that Hulu uses to block accounts from streaming is their “Home Network” setting. Hulu requires users to set a network as their “Home Network” after which certain devices will only function while connected to that network. This stops users from sharing their Hulu account with friends that live in separate locations. Unfortunately, it also stops users from traveling and using their accounts while on to go.

How to access Hulu with a VPN

Choosing a reliable VPN is important. Having a reliable VPN service instead of relying on free alternatives ensures a lot of things. You can use Hulu without any interruptions caused by the geo-restrictions set in place to stop you. These restrictions can often detect unreliable VPN services and may even cause your account to get blocked.

By signing up for TurboVPN, you can avoid all these headaches and move on to enjoy the content that you love. With the added benefit that you can use your VPN subscription to access other streaming platforms as well. As TurboVPN offers dedicated streaming servers for Hulu, you can rest assured that your stream’s quality will be as high as it can be.

Use it on any device

With a single subscription to TurboVPN, you get access to their applications for your desktop computer as well as your Android and iOS devices. More importantly, you can have up to five devices using the VPN simultaneously. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from sharing it with your family. It's time to enjoy and access your favorite media no matter where you are.

Accessing Hulu with Turbo VPN

TurboVPN offers an easy-to-use application to connect your device to their VPN servers without needing any technical knowledge about the process. To access Hulu, simply visit Turbo VPN’s website and sign up today, then:

  1. Download and install the Turbo VPN application for your device. Simple and easy to use applications are available for all major operating systems including handheld devices.
  2. Open the application and go to the “special” servers.
  3. For Hulu, scroll down and connect to the special “Hulu” server.

Similar special servers exist for other streaming platforms as well, for example Netflix and HBO Max.

How are the special servers by Turbo VPN different?

Turbo VPN’s special servers tackle specific geo-restriction methods used by streaming platforms to stop users from accessing content that is not available at their location. These servers have faster speeds and better infrastructure to support higher quality streaming while also ensuring that your VPN usage stays undetected.

In addition, it is well known that streaming services actively block VPN users, which is why these special servers are harder to detect and ban.

While Turbo VPN does let you access Hulu from outside of the US, that is far from its only useful trait as a VPN service. Security, privacy, and reliability are also huge factors, especially when determining which service to use.

No-Log Policy

Turbo VPN has a policy against logging your information, whether it be your personal details or online activity. Meaning that whenever you connect to TurboVPN’s servers, you can rest assured that your online activity is secure and private, that TurboVPN does not monitor it and will not associate it with your personal details.

There are countless free VPN services out there that do not charge their users, however they do log all activities along with your personal information which defeats the whole purpose of using a VPN in the first place. TurboVPN’s no-log policy on the other hand is a core feature that any decent VPN service should be providing by default.

Kill Switch

Without a kill switch protecting you, your computer can potentially expose your real IP address along with other identifiable details about you. So, if your connection to TurboVPN’s servers ever gets disrupted, the application will stand in and disable your internet connection to ensure that your browsing activities remain anonymous.

Kill switches are one of the key features that a VPN service can provide. As without it, any random interference can end up completely exposing your real IP address to all services that you are currently using.

30-day money-back guarantee

It is always easier to recommend products that come with a money-back guarantee. According to Turbo VPN themselves, if you are not satisfied with their service, you can get your money back and continue using the service until the refund is complete.

Since you get all your money back unless you are happy, there is honestly no good reason to not try out Turbo VPN’s services for yourself.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

General servers on a VPN often have a lot of users on them causing them who are simply interested in making their browsing habits private and not interested in streaming platforms. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu often block these servers.

Turbo VPN on the other hand offers dedicated servers for specifically these services, ensuring that the bandwidth gets allocated to users who need it.

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