March 14, 2022

Why do you need a VPN at home?

March 14, 2022
Why do you need a VPN at home?

We often feel like our homes are our safe spaces. That is what they are supposed to be, right? We build our homes so that we can stay safe inside and are secure from the outside world. With technology advancing as fast as it has, the Internet has become a part of our lives. Devices […]

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VPN at home

We often feel like our homes are our safe spaces. That is what they are supposed to be, right? We build our homes so that we can stay safe inside and are secure from the outside world. With technology advancing as fast as it has, the Internet has become a part of our lives. Devices ranging from our smartphones to household appliances connect to the Internet. Why does a refrigerator need access to the Internet? The answer does not really matter. Whether we like it or not, we are moving towards a world where everything relates to each other. That's why you need a reliable VPN at home.

Unfortunately, this creates a lot of other problems as well. While the Internet does let devices communicate with each other, it creates a lot of privacy concerns. You can also use a VPN to bypass Geo-restrictions, which is one of the most sought-after features of a VPN.

The benefits of VPN at home

Having a VPN at your home means sharing it with your family. Instead of simply having it on your mobile phone, you can set it up on the router, or you can have it installed on every single person's mobile device. Of course, you will also have the app installed on your smart TV. Meaning that everyone in your family will be able to benefit from the perks of using a VPN service. But what exactly are the benefits of using a VPN service at your home?

Data privacy from your Internet service provider

It might be shocking to you to find out that your Internet service provider knows a lot more about your online activity than you may think. They often also have their own DNS servers, which means they can find out what websites you are viewing. The law requires them to keep logs of all your online activity. And it is common for Internet service providers to send cease and desist letters and fines to homes that use their service to watch pirated media.

Turbo VPN can solve this problem with a single button. As soon as you connect, your online activity becomes completely safe and private from your Internet service provider. Not only will they not be able to monitor what websites you use, but they also will not know anything about your online activity at all. Except for the fact that you are using a VPN. Additionally, Turbo VPN has a strict no-logging policy, which means that, unlike your IP address, it does not collect your browsing history.

Data Privacy from the Apps and Services You Use

Applications and services in the modern world collect all sorts of data about you. At the center of all this data are your IP address and your location. Advertisers use this data to target you. Shady companies sell this data off to the highest bidder. And if a data breach happens, then hackers and malicious users use this data against you. Using a VPN can throw off all these tracking techniques.

Because a VPN changes your IP address, these services will not be able to track you as accurately as they want to. Additionally, any malicious user that sends you links to try and figure out where you are from, will fail. Because even if you click the link, you are sitting behind a VPN. You can rest assured that Turbo VPN will keep your IP address private.

Security When Working Remotely

Employers, companies, and corporations all over the world use VPNs. They do so because they do not trust their Internet service providers. Nor do they trust their competitors. If someone can wiretap your internet connection, then they can find out a great deal about your communications. Unless you encrypt it.

Remote workers should be using a VPN service to keep their work activities secure and safe. This also protects them from unnecessary tracking and digital profiling by their employers. Obviously, if your IP address is important for your job, then we can let this one slide. For example, if you are a software developer and your IP address needs authorization. But even in that case, the company will require you to connect to their VPN server while you work.

if your company is not providing you with their own VPN, you should opt-in for one yourself. By using Turbo VPN, you will be able to encrypt all work-related communications while working from home. Ensuring that you are covering up your tracks while you work. And if a breach does happen, it will happen at the company's end and not yours.

Easy to Use

VPN software can be extremely complicated. Turbo VPN is not. Turbo VPN uses a simple bright interface that anyone can use. It is both user-friendly and intuitive. And even your grandparents can find their way around it. By simplifying the complicated task of connecting to a VPN server, you can use it more often without having to do anything tedious.

Simply download the application for your operating system, install it, and connect to a server. Turbo VPN supports all the famous operating systems in the world. You can use it on your smart TV as well as your handheld devices. And there is no need to feel bad for your desktop computers because they have applications as well. Whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC, you will be able to connect to Turbo VPN.

Get Turbo VPN for your home

But just because something is easy does not mean you get it for your entire home, right? Wrong. With a single subscription to Turbo VPN, you can share it with your entire family. You can use a single subscription to connect up to five devices to their servers. Simultaneously.

All the benefits we have already talked about, your entire family gets them! But privacy from your Internet service provider and the various applications you use is not all that people want. The primary purpose of VPN service is to ensure that any valuable communication takes place over an encrypted channel, such as your work tasks. Due to this added layer of security. We get some other side benefits as well. 

For example, your computer does not broadcast your public IP address to the entire world when you use the Internet. Not to mention that you can bypass Geo-restrictions completely. Let us discuss a little bit about that too.

Home privacy concerns

People who are conscious about their privacy are often in the right for doing so. Companies, governments, and law enforcement agencies have a lot of data on us. There is no guarantee that this data does not fall into the hands of any malicious individual. Even Apple employees have been complicit in extracting sensitive images from a customer's phone. And that was face-to-face interaction. What makes you feel so sure that these mega-corporations keep your data safe and secure? Are you sure that your Internet connection is as secure as you think it is?

Public IP address

When a device connects to your router, it assigns an IP address to that device. But this is just your local and private IP address. When your router connects to your Internet service provider, they also assign it an IP address. That is the public IP address.

Your public IP address can tell people where you are. While it may not be as accurate as a GPS, in some instances, it can narrow it down to a neighborhood, if not more. Imagine that. A potentially malicious person finding out where you live. That is nightmare fuel right there.

By using Turbo VPN, you can change this public IP address. Make your online activity as secure as possible. That is, of course, if you do not willingly give up your home address yourself.


Online content hides behind paywalls and Geo-restrictions nowadays. Copyrights, licenses, and media regulations have become stricter. It is difficult to find a streaming service where you can watch every single movie out there. Legal streaming services which allow that simply do not exist. Something you can easily find on Netflix will not exist on Disney Plus and vice versa. While we could get in the details of why the world works as it does, we simply cannot change it. We can, however, work around it.

Using Turbo VPN to bypass Geo-restrictions

Thanks to their special streaming servers, Turbo VPN allows you to bypass all the Geo-restrictions set in place by these companies. Disney Plus has yet to release in the rest of the world, but you can access it by using Turbo VPN. Similarly, you can access the entire Netflix library of the US without going there yourself. 

But Geo-restrictions on Disney Plus and Netflix are not the only kinds of restrictions out there. For example, if you are interested in anime, there are a lot of YouTube channels that people living in western countries cannot watch. These channels have full-length episodes of various anime, and you will need a VPN service to access them. You may get access to more websites by using it!

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