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How to install a free VPN on your PlayStation Console?



Follow our instructions to set up a VPN-protected wifi hotspot >



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111 locations 24000+ servers


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Change your locations to anywhere in just 1 click

Change your locations to anywhere in just 1 click

By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as online gaming servers in different regions. With a reliable VPN like Turbo VPN, you can enjoy seamless streaming and online gaming experiences while keeping your online activities private and secure.

Protect you from DDoS attacks by concealing your real IP

Protect you from DDoS attacks by concealing your real IP

Turbo VPN uses an extra layer of protection, such as AES256 encryption, to prevent you from DDoS attacks and other cyber attacks, including data theft and hacking.

24000+ high-speed servers

24000+ high-speed servers

Turbo VPN has the fastest server speed among other VPNs. You can always find the most suitable encrypted servers from all over the world.


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