January 25, 2022

5 Browsers you should use for cybersecurity 2022

January 25, 2022
5 Browsers you should use for cybersecurity 2022

Every user deserves secure browsing when they surf the internet. A web browser is an interface that allows you to share information and download data on the internet. It contains a lot of your personal information that malware can compromise. Thus, Internet security and privacy must be your priority while choosing any browser. There are […]

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Every user deserves secure browsing when they surf the internet. A web browser is an interface that allows you to share information and download data on the internet. It contains a lot of your personal information that malware can compromise. Thus, Internet security and privacy must be your priority while choosing any browser. There are so many browsers in the market, but only a few browsers are secure.

Security and privacy are two very different terminologies in the browsing realm. Internet privacy means your browser will not track, or collect your personal information. Whereas prevention of data exploitation by cybersecurity threats means internet security. 

A secure browser is an online tool that ensures your online privacy. It makes you less vulnerable to third parties and protects your internet privacy. You must keep separate browsers for internet surfing and social media platforms. It is an effective way to protect your login credentials. Here, we will review different browsers and their security features for increased performance.

Google Chrome

It is a very popular and easy-to-use web browser developed by Google. Google Chrome claims to protect you from cybercrimes and internet privacy threats. The browser features customizable security settings. You can use them to optimize your internet security. The company also updates its security features. This enhances cybersecurity and improves users' browsing experience.

But, Google Chrome is not a suitable option when it comes to data privacy. It claims to provide high security to the user. Yet you are unaware of the quantity of information that the Google browser collects. Moreover, the source code of Google Chrome is also not available online. But, users can access the source code of the Google chromium browser. Google developed this open-source browser for more online transparency.  It offers more transparency and better secures your personal information.

There are a series of extensions available in Google Chrome that you can use. For instance, you can explore the privacy features and choose the relevant extensions. Google incognito mode hides you from cookies. The browser mode also does not track your browsing history. But, your IP address remains visible to cyber security threats on the internet. Although, you can combine a fast and secure extension, like Turbo VPN, with your Google Chrome. This tactic will enhance your privacy and internet security.

Don't forget to delete your Google search history after you browsing.


You can perform many functions on a fast browser like Opera. It allows you to chat with your friends and share information and files. You can also use the Opera browser on your computer and smartphone. Opera has various effective privacy features to maintain your online anonymity. Windows, Linux, and macOS are among the operating systems that support Opera.

The Opera system is built on Chromium OS. Users can enjoy an uninterrupted and unlimited browsing experience. More features include free VPN, crypto wallet, and built-in adblocker. They protect you from malware attacks and cybersecurity infringements. Users also receive browser updates after every four weeks. More than 350 million people choose to install Opera browsers on their devices.

But, the Opera privacy policy comes with some security concerns. For example, when you install the browser in your system, it generates a random ID. The ID  allows Opera to track your browsing activity. The browser also collects your device information, such as your device ID.  Opera monitors your online activities and uses your personal information for advertising purposes. Furthermore, a free VPN extension is not a reliable and trustworthy security solution. It provides poor quality of security and affects browsing speed. 


Firefox is better than many private browsers. It is because Firefox offers efficient add-on features and functionality. What's more, the compatibility and internet privacy of Firefox is also superior. It is an open-source browser with many customizable options. The memory use and performance of Firefox are also better than other browsers. So, it is a preferable choice for secure and anonymous web browsing.

The Privacy and Security setting in firefox has three levels of security. The levels are Custom, Standard, and strict. You can change these settings to avoid internet tracking and cybercrimes. While modifying security settings, you can disable functions like startup profiling and telemetry. Once disabled, these features will not allow Firefox to collect your performance data. That way, your online privacy will stay intact.

Unlike other mainstream browsers, the source code of firefox is available online. You can scrutinize it for many glitches and privacy threats. Security protocols of firefox protect you from more than 2000 trackers and applications. You can also activate the Mozilla VPN extension for surfing the internet. The private mode of firefox blocks pop-up ads. It protects you from malware attacks and online tracking. Firefox also has compatibility with google chrome and its various add-on extensions.


It is a Peer-to-peer based browsing platform. You can use it for online communication and censorship-free publication. Freenet provides internet privacy and users conduct browsing in a decentralized manner. The browser offers advanced solutions to ensure cybersecurity and data privacy. You can build applications on decentralized platforms. Moreover, through Freenet create forums, and browse the internet anonymously. Android, macOS, BSD, Linux, and Windows all support the Freenet browser.

You can create secret identities on Freenet. This censorship-resistant method lets users enjoy the right to freedom of speech. That way, you can communicate with your family and friends in a secure manner. You can share files, or publish any content of your liking without cyber security threats. 

You can only access information available on the Freenet network through Freenet. like the Tor browser, the information passes through several nodes or layers. This process encrypts user identity before it reaches the target site. This method provides strong internet protection but with a slower browsing speed. It also affects users' bandwidth and displays content on the browser in a static manner. 


It is one of the best browsers that you can download on all your devices for premium internet privacy. The features include end-to-end encryption of data and customizable security settings. Others include private and regular browsing modes, ad blockers, and more. The operating systems that support Vivaldi are Windows, Android, Linux, and macOS.

Vivaldi has many functionalities and interface features. These attributes make it the best browser for privacy and security. It never monitors your online activity and keeps your personal information. Vivaldi protects your data from marketing and advertising companies through different built-in features. The features are tracker blockers and adblockers to protect you from web tracking.

You can customize security settings on the private and regular search engines. It will enhance online security. The source code of Vivaldi is available online for users to see what’s happening in the background. You can sync devices through Vivaldi and share data. Vivaldi protects information through end-to-end encryption. It has compatibility with add-on extensions of other browsers like chrome as well.

Why should you use a browser for security?

Everything that you do online is through a certain browser. Yet, it can leave you vulnerable to tracking and cybersecurity threats. A browser accumulates your personal information through cookies, autofill information, and browsing history. Private and incognito modes of browsers do enhance online security. But, they can still expose your IP address. That way, your online identity becomes visible to many cybersecurity threats.

Firefox, Freenet, and tor browser are exceptional at keeping your personal data safe. They also maintain your online anonymity intact to a certain extent. Nonetheless, using a premium VPN package by a VPN provider with a secure browser is also an option. It can enhance your browser’s functionality to multi-folds. Turbo VPN is one such example that masks your IP address. It channels your internet traffic in an encrypted manner. It changes your location and hides you from any surveillance and security system.


Web browsing through a secure channel is important to protect your online identity. You can select a certain browser based on your requirements, technical prowess. Keep in mind that no browser is effective without extensions like a VPN. Invest in a paid VPN and enjoy a fast, trustworthy, and secure security add-on that you can rely on. So, get the subscription and install it in your secure browser. That way you will never have to worry about browser hijacking while using the internet.

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